Every place has its story…Every house, every school, every building. For us who works in a quaint office building somewhere in San Juan, we have quite the experience and stories to tell.

Working in a PR, events and digital agency, we can attest that our work requires long hours. Preparation for pitches, development of PR campaigns and strategizing proposed digital activities are just some of the things that we do. Because of our clients and accounts’ requirements, we usually do overtime work.

Little did we know that the “resident” of State Condominium IV does not like the idea of sharing her space with those who work in the wee hours of the evening.


Rumor has it that the ghost of a lady can be seen in almost every part of the building.Sometimes, you can also hear a hair-raising sound that is coming from a voice of a lady that seems to be talking to a phone. Tenants from the State Condominium IV building would often be thought that their lady officemate is still in the office with them. And more eerily, the sound of Roxette’s It Must Have Been Love” will be mysteriously played via youtube. The said song was the lady’s favorite song before she committed suicide in one of the comfort rooms of the building. It became her “soundtrack” as she was going through a painful break-up with her boyfriend of three years. Her officemates had no idea that she became depressed.

“Since 2011, when I was assigned here in State Condominium IV, a lot of mysterious stories have been shared by my co-workers and even the tenants. They are saying that they have seen a woman but what they don’t understand is that they cannot get a clear visual of her face. Aside from that, they have been hearing a sobbing sound every night, along with the corridors of the building”.

Said Abdul Abdullah, a security guard of State Condominium IV.

Watch her story in a special video that has prepared.

Up until today, the employees and tenants of State Condominium IV continue to experience harrowing stories. All are saying that they have been seeing a mysterious lady that seems to float every time she passes by the hallway. A sound of a crying lady that sends employees working overtime home in no time. No one really knows who she is. No one dares to investigate who she is…But if you happen to be in Greenhills for some shopping and dining, you might want to challenge yourself and visit State Condominium IV. Perhaps, if you will be lucky, you will be able to meet and see…THE LADY IN STATE CONDO.


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