Lower House Justice Committee, on December 7, approves death penalty bill with the votes 12-6-1.

House Bill 1 or the Death Penalty Bill is now up for second reading. House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez vowed that the Lower House will approve the final reading of the bill on the reinstatement of the death penalty before Christmas break.

Alvarez, one of the authors of House bill No.1, said there is a need to re-impose death penalty as an “all-out offensive” against all forms of felonious acts, especially amid the alarming rise of the national crime rate.

Under the proposed measure, three methods may be used in executing the death penalty — hanging, firing squad or lethal injection.

The following crimes will be punishable by the proposed death penalty:

  • Treason
  • Qualified piracy
  • Qualified bribery
  • Parricide
  • Murder
  • Infanticide
  • Rape
  • Kidnapping and serious illegal detention
  • Robbery with violence against or intimidation of persons
  • Destructive arson
  • Plunder
  • Importation of dangerous drugs and or controlled precursors and essential chemicals
  • Sale, trading, administration, dispensation, delivery, distribution and transportation of dangerous drugs and or controlled precursors and essential chemicals
  • Maintenance of drug den
  • Manufacture of dangerous drugs and or controlled precursor and essential chemicals
  • Possession of dangerous drugs
  • Cultivation or culture of plants classified as dangerous drugs
  • Unlawful prescription of dangerous drugs
  • Criminal liability of public officer for misappropriation, misapplication or failure to account for the confiscated seized or surrendered drugs
  • Criminal liability for planting evidence
  • Carnapping

Netizens, however, have different opinions on the issue.

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