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Love Wins: 2016 Best 10 Filipino Films for Love


February is a special month for couples because it’s the month when we celebrate Valentine’s Day. This is the time of the year when couples plan romantic dinners and getaways. A time when couples exchange romantic tokens. It is also the perfect time to revisit romantic movies.

Here is a list of our pick of some of the most light-hearted and romantic movies of 2016.


Always Be My Baby

This movie is about a makeup artist who is recovering from a breakup and reluctantly begins a relationship with a wealthy playboy.

Just the 3 of Us

A pilot who always dreamt of proving his worth to his father had a one-night stand with a flight attendant. When the flight attendant becomes pregnant, he is forced to face a possibility that he may be the father of this unborn child.

The Achy Breaky Hearts

A woman in her 30s chooses between two men who happens to pass her high standards.

The Third Party

Andi, an aspiring fashion designer, becomes the third party of her first love, now ex-beau Max and Christian.

Love Me Tomorrow

A generational love story about a DJ, a conflicted millennial woman, and a woman who is described to be ‘on the verge of a renaissance.’ They will be caught in a love triangle that will spark thoughts on one-night stands, May-December affairs and other aspects of life. (Peptalk)

Vince and Kath and James

A film produced out of the famous text-serye that spread ‘kilig’ on Facebook. Vince set aside his feelings for Kath to help his cousin get closer with the said girl, who happened to be Vince’s crush also.

The Unmarried Wife

This is about a businesswoman who left her unfaithful husband to look for love with the aim of becoming happier.

This Time

A love story between childhood friends Coby and Ava, who only see each other during summer vacations. They face the challenge of being away from each other as they grow up.

Imagine You and Me

A young woman finds love in Italy after meeting a man who was depressed over his recent heartbreak.

Barcelona: A Love Untold

Set in Barcelona, this movie is about a young man, Ely, and a young woman named Mia who overcome their internal conflicts with the help of each other.

What’s your favorite love story? Share it to us by commenting below.

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